Confused about vaccines?

Confused about vaccines?

Do you fully vaccinate, partially vaccinate or not vax at all? Not sure what choice to make? Whatever choice you feel is best for your family, it is absolutely imperative that you have a RIGHT to choose and that you make an EDUCATED decision based on facts.

Here are some resources for you to help you make an informed decision. You can ask your doctor for more information also.

For a list of exactly what is in each vaccine, please visit the CDC’s website.

Please use that information to look up each individual ingredient and its side effects and toxicity.

The CDC also has the information from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System here:

You can look up the reported cases of side effects related to vaccines. Note that many cases are under-reported, not reported at all or not determined whether it was caused by a vaccine.

You can find information on the National Child Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which was created to provide a federal no-fault system for compensating vaccine-related injuries or death which has to go through the government here: .

This was established so that vaccine manufacturers can NOT be held liable for vaccine related illness or death. What other corporations have that same protection?

You can find questions to ask of your doctor about vaccine safety and efficacy here:

Here is statistical data on the rates of disease decline and when vaccines were introduced:

Here is immunological evidence of ineffectiveness, ie- this gives a little detail on how your immune system works and how vaccines are not the same as immunization:

When vaccines were first introduced, it was believed that they were effective for a lifetime. However, now we hear that they are only effective for 2-10 years, as boosters are ‘needed’. This debunks the myth of herd immunity, as the baby boomer generation was not given boosters for decades, yet the diseases did not return rampantly. Here is more on the myth of herd immunity:

You can find a book for purchase that addresses all of your concerns here:

or for free e-books regarding the subject, visit


If you decide that vaccinating is right for you and your family, you can detox afterwards to help reduce or eliminate side effects.
gives instructions on how you can detox or you can purchase the Vaccination Detox through Nature’s Sunshine for a limited time, as they are discontinuing it. Please call or message me to order.

Here is a website that list vaccine exemptions by state:

If you would like more information, I am happy to share any resources I have with you. And again, please make sure you make an informed decision and know that what you feel is right for your family may not be what someone else feels is best for theirs.




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    Winter time is also flu season in America. The elderly are the target group for flu shots (vaccines). Many elderly people are going to die from the flu shot. The flu shot is crap. You have to be out of your mind to take a flu shot. And after all, what in the hell is the damn flu anyway? I’ll tell you what the flu is. The flu is nothing but the holiday crap you ate for Halloween (candy and sugar), Thanksgiving (turkey, dressing and the other junk), Christmas (egg nog, more turkey and meat, fruit cake, etc.), and New Years (beer and wine, pretzels and chips; and more meat) – kicking your behind by impairing your defense (immune) system and also compelling all that mucus to come out of your sick body. We have four seasons, not five! Some people are walking around here talking about flu season as though God has given us an additional season – summer, winter, fall, spring, and flu. Wake up, people!

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    More worrisome, no one in the countries administering this vaccine seems to be aware of the possible side affects of Gardasil, and no one is warning parents of the possible dangers so they can make an informed decision on the issue.

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    Critics have accused the vaccine industry of misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, covering up and suppressing information, and influencing health policy decisions for financial gain.

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