Flu got you down and out? Tips for Prevention + Speedy Recovery

Flu got you down and out? Tips for Prevention + Speedy Recovery

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Almost everyone I know on Facebook is talking about how they either have the flu or are taking care of someone with the flu right now. My heart goes out to those suffering, as it sounds like it is especially bad this year.

There’s nothing like a big heaping helping of flu prevention. To help protect yourself from coming down with the flu in the first place, hand washing to prevent germs in extremely important. Try this foaming hand soap made with goat’s milk, followed by this lotion to keep your skin from getting dried out from washing too often. These products were specifically formulated for dry, cracked skin, but are wonderful for all skin types. Teas, especially green tea found here and certain herbal teas such as echinacea can help support immune function. Birkat Adonai Farms makes a wonderful essential oil blend, called Thyreos to put on your hands to protect against germs whenever you go out, which can be found here. Also, taking a whole food product daily, such as Juice Plus can help support overall health throughout the year. And, as always, reduce or eliminate your refined sugar intake.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who has come down with the flu despite your best efforts, there are a few things you can do to speed up recovery time. Dosing up on Vitamin C, drinking echinacea, ginger, or lemon tea, and getting plenty of rest go a long way in healing as quickly as possible. Find my Flu Prevention + Recovery board on Pinterest!

Have you had the flu this winter? What has worked for you?

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