Hurry! Birkat Adonai Farm Foaming Hand Soap ~30% off! (This week only)

Hurry! Birkat Adonai Farm Foaming Hand Soap ~30% off! (This week only)

Here’s the deal: Each week, I’m going to feature one product at a discount for subscribers. The product and the discount amount will always be a surprise! You might get a 5% discount or it could be 50%, so be sure to check back every week to see what the next one is. I will try to post the sale by Monday, but sometimes time can get away from me with three kids, schoolwork, and consultations!

If you haven’t already tried this liquid goat’s milk soap, now is the perfect time! Formulated for all skin types, but especially for those that suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and severely dry skin, this natural, hand crafted product will help restore your skin to its former glory. You will love the way it makes your skin feel! Combine it with the Spray-on Body Lotion for a full day of luxuriously soft skin.

BA Farm Foaming Hand Soap


Birkat Adonai Farm started when the Watson family had an idea to make liquid goat milk soaps, made with milk from their farm in Indiana. They began making various products to help people have healthier skin and now have a pretty large variety of natural products. Their soaps, lotions, body polishes, and essential oils are all available here in my e-store, the Wellness Warrior Shoppe. Purchasing BA Farm products helps support my small business in addition to the Watson’s small, family owned business.

To get the 30% discount, please subscribe to my blog + newsletter, then use coupon code FEATURED when checking out at the Wellness Warrior Shoppe.

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