Take $30 off Hair Mineral Analysis Report and Consultation

Take $30 off Hair Mineral Analysis Report and Consultation

This week’s featured product is on a hair mineral analysis, found HERE, in addition to 1 twenty minute consultation to review the results and get answers to any questions you may have about your results.

hair mineral analysis

A HMA is a great tool to get individualized results of what foods you may need to increase/decrease in your diet and what supplements you may need to take for optimum health. It gives a good indication of what mineral deficiensies/excesses you may have and why, in addition to some other great insight into your health.

You will receive a color, detailed report with this information in a nice folder-like presentation for you to keep that contains graphic illustrations of your mineral levels and how they relate with each other. The report comes complete with explanations of why each suggestion is indicated for you.

Take advantage of this special offer with coupon code 30OFF. This offer is available for anyone in the US.




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