Diet Fads ~Benefits + Drawbacks

Diet Fads ~Benefits + Drawbacks

Diet Fads ~Benefits + Drawbacks

Healthy New Year!

Recently asked to discuss fad diets, I compiled some quick information listing how they each have their own good points, but they all have a down side as well. The best diet for everyone is one that takes your personal health and dietary habits into consideration and is comprised of whole foods.

The Zone Diet

High in carbohydrates (mostly plant based), healthy proteins and fats to lose weight quickly.


  • High in vitamins/minerals
  • Emphasizes importance of fruits + vegetables
  • Balanced ratio of carbs/protein/fats


  • Not convenient
  • Contains a lot of common food allergens
  • Low in calories
  • Includes processed meats and foods with additives



Focuses on meat protein at each meal, eliminates most foods except meat, dairy, and some vegetables.


  • Eliminates most carbs which can help those who are carb addicted
  • Contains healthy fats


  • Too much protein
  • Low in fiber
  • Contains a lot of common food allergens



Grapefruit at each “meal” with little else to eat


  • Grapefruits high in vit C
  • High in fiber + water to fill you up


  • Too restrictive
  • Not enough produce
  • Low in calcium
  • Too low in calories + healthy fats


Drinks such as SlimFast, Sweet Success, etc replace two meals per day 


  • Some are high in vitamins/minerals
  • No meal prep
  • Quick + Easy


  • Weight quickly returns once meals are consumed
  • Not sustainable
  • Typically not consuming enough produce
  • Ingredients in shakes
  • Promotes bad habits instead of instilling good ones

If you would like to develop a personalized diet plan to hep with weight loss, weight maintenance, weight gain, or just general health, contact me today! I would love to work with you!



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