Top 5 Reasons You Need a Spring Cleanse

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Spring Cleanse



As one of nature’s seasons, winter is a necessary part of the cycle for the year. But let’s face it – with shorter daylight hours, meaning less sunlight and colder temps, all winter makes us want to do is hibernate! And toward the end of the season, heat and sun start to look pretty enticing.

So enticing in fact that we’re inspired to do spring cleaning in our homes, places of work, automobiles, or even wardrobes. What feels better after a long winter than shaking loose all the winter dust and cobwebs, and letting in warm breezy air and sunlight?

But have you ever thought about spring cleaning for your body?

During the wintertime, our bodies really do respond to colder temperatures by entering a pseudo-hibernation mode where our metabolisms slow and we aren’t as active. Add to that heartier winter fare, meaning heavy comfort foods like stews, pasta, and potatoes, in lieu of lighter foods like seasonally unavailable fruits and vegetables, and we have very good cause to examine how our bodies need some spring cleaning!

Here are the top five reasons you should herald the season with a spring cleanse:

  • Detoxify and Reset the Body- The most important reason to do a cleanse is to detox—halt intake of toxins and aid your body in eliminating stored toxins, leading to overall revitalization.

Giving your digestive and eliminative organs a chance to rest and repair themselves will allow your body to reset itself, resulting in better digestion and assimilation of nutrients and an end to pesky cravings for sugar, dairy and carbs.

  • Effortless Weight Loss- A spring cleanse will jumpstart your metabolism, giving you more energy. Often when the body is overloaded with toxicity, it has no choice but to expand fat cells (adipose tissue) in which to store fat-soluble toxins.

Once you help your body eliminate toxins that are being stored, fat deposits shrink accordingly. Additionally, water weight from bloating is quickly and easily shed as well as the release of stored waste matter.

  • Get In Tune With Your Body- A spring cleanse involves seriously cleaning up your diet, generally putting a hiatus on dairy, soy, wheat/grains, nuts, caffeine and alcohol – many of which are actually very common sources of food allergies or sensitivities.

Consuming foods that cause poor digestion can wreak all kinds of havoc on our systems resulting in anything from inflammatory diseases, triggering auto-immune diseases, digestive issues, skin problems, emotional or psychological distress, headaches, brain fog, fatigue and lethargy, and increased mucous production.

Mucous has a direct impact on the emergence of seasonal allergies (itchy eyes, congestion, coughing, sneezing, wheezing – sound familiar?). Once you eliminate the common allergens from your diet, you may notice improvement in chronic conditions and you should be able to identify what your triggers are to avoid them for good.

  • Learn How To Reduce and Manage Stress- A clean body makes for a clean mind, heart, and spirit. With less toxicity clouding your body and mind, stress hormone (cortisol) levels are reduced and your body is able to handle stress naturally more effectively.

A spring cleanse brings increased steady energy and more restful sleep, both of which lead to a sunnier disposition! It is as important to take care of your mind and emotional wellbeing during a cleanse as it is to your body.

Take time for quiet self-reflection, journaling, meditation and prayer, maybe incorporating yoga, tai chi or anything that helps you quiet your mind and body to help you get back in touch with both.

  • Look And Feel Your Best!- A spring cleanse helps address and eliminate what’s making you feel tired, sluggish and blah, and positive results come amazingly fast.

By detoxing, shedding a few pesky pounds, removing common allergens and helping your body to restore itself so you can feel good and less stressed, a spring cleanse is the perfect way to banish winter blahs and say hello to springtime!

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