Thanks so much for visiting! For all of your weight loss and wellness needs, I offer many services to help you meet your goals including seasonal cleanses with whole foods (no crash dieting or liquid only plans), meal plans, strategy sessions and much more!

I work with clients all across the United States from Maine to California and everywhere in between via Skype, telephone or in-person consultations. If you’re interested in learning more about how I support you in your journey to better health, please request your free consultation now!

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Goal Sheet


Those who set goals are more successful in achieving what they want! Write your goals done and work them with this simply weekly goal planner.


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Planning meals ahead of time helps to you to save money, waste less and eat healthier because you’re less likely to eat out when you already know what’s for dinner. This weekly meal planner with shopping list keeps you prepared for healthy eating!

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“Eat Better, Spend Less: 8 Ways to Save Big on Groceries” e-book will help you save money with simple tricks to maximize your healthy eating budget.





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Delicious juice recipes in this mini e-book help you take the mystery out of juicing. There are so many wonderful benefits of adding fresh juice to your diet, especially if you don’t enjoy vegetables.





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