#BeMore Book Review + GIVEAWAY!!

#BeMore Book Review + GIVEAWAY!!

#BeMore BookAdmittedly, I am a devout Sandi Krakowski follower. I am like a sponge, absorbing everything she says and hanging on her every word. I would follow her to the moon if she decided she wanted to go and let me tag along. I found her via Facebook from seeing that a friend had liked her page.

No, I’ve never actually met her in person, but to hear her speak or see her social media posts, it is as if I’m listening to my very best friend in the world speak to me. Her words are literally dripping with encouragement and love, like a donut dunked into your favorite coffee, and they go down just as sweet. So when I had the chance to pre-order her book “#BEMORE: 77 Secrets to Your Powerful Life” I did so the instant it was available.

Sandi Krakowski has a seemingly cliché rags to riches story, having come from poverty and despair to being named as a Top Online Marketing Influencer as well as in the Top Social Media Influencers by Forbes Magazine. More important than all of her success however, and the reason I fell in love with her, is the fact that she is a Christian, devoting her life’s work to honoring God and helping you to step into your God-given power.

In fact, the #BeMore movement, what the book itself is based on, comes from the idea to be connected with your purpose that God has given you in this life. We are all called for greatness in this life, whether we are black, white, rich, poor, young or old, He has given us a PURPOSE and a meaning in this life that, when uncovered, leads to wealth in our Saviour. Sandi wrote this book to help each person to see their full potential in their lives.

This book is divided up into five sections, based on five areas in your life where you can “be more” to live a more meaningful life:

  1. Connected to God
  2. In Tune with Yourself
  3. Attentive to Your Relationships
  4. Engaged with Your Community
  5. Mindful of Your World

Each section recognizes that your life is NOT about YOU, it’s about your connection to the bigger picture, even though your relationship with and how you treat yourself is important too.

You are the main character.

Have you ever been the main character of a novel, a play, short story, anything?? Well, be prepared, because YOU are the star of this book. It is FOR you and ABOUT you- YOUR purpose and power in this life. Sandi’s words come alive off the page and ignite a spark to help you become the person you were called to be. She breaks each secret up into bite-size, manageable chunks with action steps that can be implemented no matter where you are in your journey. Whether you’ve already stepped into your power or if you’re just realizing that “you were meant to live for so much more” in the words of Switchfoot, Sandi’s book will help you stay inspired. Before you ever read this book, it’s like Sandi was reading your heart to write it just for you.

I laughed. I cried. I experienced many emotions inside.

Few works of non-fiction have held me captive and taken me on such a roller coaster of emotions, but this one sure did. I was absolutely inspired by Sandi’s words and could feel the presence of God with the turn of every page. It truly spoke right to my heart, especially as someone who has felt a calling on my life and has experienced many obstacles. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur, especially the hours put into the business when I should’ve been taking care of myself. Reading this has helped me to see, even though I already knew, just how important it is to take a step back and enjoy time with friends, take care of myself and surrender to His will.

If you’re ready for a REAL change in your life, your beliefs, your faith and your relationships, this book is a MUST. READ. I highly encourage grabbing a pen and a journal before you start reading so you can jot down notes of any thoughts that arise as you’re going through the book. You will experience a major transformation with this book….are you READY?? Fall in love with LIFE and experience a love affair with God like you’ve never experienced before. Seriously, that’s what will happen when you read this book!!

How to enjoy this book:

Like a rich piece of the world’s finest chocolate or the smoothness of a fabulous cup o’ joe, this book should be savored, read slowly, then re-read again and again. Each time I read a page again, something new pops into my mind about how it can be implemented or a new way to work through an old problem. This is not a book to just read and then put on a shelf, never to be touched again. It can double as a devotional- simply write in your favorite verses that reaffirm the truth of these words or heck, you can practically use this book as a therapist. Really, a lot of underlying emotion issues came up as I read the book and I am going to revisit each one and use the book to help me truly resolve them.

To get a copy of ‪#‎BEMORE‬: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life by Sandi Krakowski, run to www.thebemorebook.com! 

Want to win a free copy?

Because I so strongly believe in this #BeMore movement, I want to buy this book for you! I am going to give away a copy to ONE lucky subscriber who comments below with the reason they can’t wait to read this book! If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, you can visit MyNaturalApple.com/Subscribe (you’ll get some goodies when you do!) and then comment below to be entered. Drawing will be held on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27, 2014 and all entries must be received by 12:00 am EST Thursday, November 27 to be eligible. Winner will be notified via email and will have until January 1, 2015 to claim their prize.

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