Meet Tiffany


The seeds were planted for the idea of Natural Apple Holistic Health in early 2007.  It was at that time when I began my journey into the world of natural health. It was several months after one of my sisters was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. Our family was devastated at that time as many are when hearing the news that a loved one has cancer. The prognosis of stage four with such an unusual cancer was not good and her doctors told her she was lucky to still be alive.

My sister decided to go about healing her body in a natural way instead of a typical, Western medicine approach. Being overweight, unhappy and extremely unhealthy at the time, I was inspired to do the same. I was tired of being tired and sick all of the time. I was suffering from depression, infertility, IBS, chronic bronchitis and many other health issues and I had finally had enough! (See my before pic below.)

I completely overhauled my diet- I ditched the processed, refined and otherwise unhealthy foods and transferred to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with minimal amounts of lean meats.  Within several days of this change, I began to feel alive again instead of tired, sluggish, and mentally foggy. It just clicked. I attributed all of the changes directly to my dietary choices, and immersed myself into the world of natural health and living where I discovered how important all three aspects of health are important for your wellbeing- body, mind and soul.

While I’m still working on improving my health and I am far from perfect (yes, you may catch me eating processed foods) I am learning self-acceptance and that the beauty of life is in the imperfections!


Being a health coach has taught me a lot not only about the world around me but about myself as well. I have learned that life is too short to waste it on unimportant things. I have learned about how important it is to follow your dreams and have a purpose for your life. I also have learned about how we are all connected and that we were meant to live compassionately with a love for others!


I live in the beautiful countryside in Kentucky on a 4-acre farm with an apple orchard (inspired the name Natural Apple) and an organic garden. I am doing my best to raise my family in a healthy, non-toxic environment. I enjoy spending time with her family, practicing yoga, listening to music and reading.

I also LOVE working with clients who are ready for a real change in their life. Just as I have been inspired to follow my dreams and work on living my best life, I enjoying guiding others to seek out health and happiness!

Professional Certifications

Nutrition Consultant

Global College of Natural Medicine 5/2009

Holistic Health Practitioner

Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness 1/2013

Master Herbalist

Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness 1/2013

Weight Management Coach Practitioner

Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness 4/2013


Bachelor of Science, Holistic Health

Kingdom College of Natural Health ***Anticipated 2015***


After receiving my first certification in 2009, I began Natural Apple Holistic Health and began nutrition consulting. Since then, I have added many services and also began freelance writing, positioning me as an expert resource for weight management and wellness. I have experience in the following:

One on One Client Consultations

Group Cleanses/ Consultations

Published in Health Magazines, Websites and my own E-books as well as Print Editions

Public Speaking 

If you are ready to make a positive change in your wellbeing or are interested in writing services, please call me today at 859.912.2113 or use my convenient online appointment request form.

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