dōTerra Essential Oils

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Depositphotos_6057571_sEssential oils have been used throughout time because of their therapeutic effects. They come from the various scented parts of plants such as the flowers, leaves, and seeds and are powerfully fragrant. Depending on the individual oils, they can be applied topically, taken internally, inhaled, diffused, or used many other ways for maximum benefits.

Each essential oil has its own specific medicinal or therapeutic use. For instance, lemon oil is naturally antibacterial as well as antiseptic and is therefore very useful in making natural cleaning products. Peppermint oil works well to soothe digestive trouble and has been shown to reduce mucus and inflammation, making it useful for colds.

Whatever the reason you choose to use essential oils, the quality of the oils you use is extremely important. Many essential oils on the market are mixed with synthetic frangrances to make the product more affordable.

Though they may cost less, using manufactured products can be ineffective or even dangerous. For this reason, I choose to use dōTerra brand oils. Their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® oils are pure and safe when used correctly.

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