Rock Your Body 6-Week Signature Package


Rock Your Body in 6 Weeks!

At last, a program designed to help you:

  • Feel better than you have in years
  • Give you that healthy glow you thought was out of reach
  • Fit back into your old jeans you’ve been saving
  • Boost your energy so you can keep up with your kids
  • Break through the junk food cravings to start desiring healthy foods

And the best part is that you will learn safe and simple ways to do this for LASTING RESULTS! It’s never been easier to lose weight + feel great!

Why did I create this program?

Because over 60 percent of the American population is overweight or obese! So many women are looking for long-term weight loss solutions after trying diet after diet only to regain the weight. Many women find themselves struggling to lose weight after having kids, chronically ill or fatigued all of the time and it often traces back to diet, lack of exercise, and poor stress management.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes or magic pills for weight loss or to make these health issues go away overnight. They require many changes over an extended period of time for success, so I developed this package with that in mind.

What’s the Rock Your Body Package all about?

In our first consultation, we will review your health history questionnaire, then make recommendations on how to help you lose weight and/or live a healthier lifestyle by making dietary changes, exercise and possibly alternative therapies. We will go over the recommendations together, making sure you have a good understanding of them and set small and large goals for you to accomplish during our six weeks together.

In addition to our consultations (value $247), you will also receive:

  • Food journal print-outs
  • Weekly health information handouts
  • Goal sheet along with tips for meeting your goals
  • 6-week meal plan + recipe guide (value $150)
  • Unlimited email support (value- priceless!)
  • Mini class on essential oils
  • Hair mineral analysis + the recommended supplements personalized just for your results! (value $350+ depending on your supplements)

Did I mention the BONUSES?

  • Get my free e-book “Eat Better, Spend Less: 8 Ways to Save Big on Groceries.”
  • You can participate in one of my seasonal cleanses per year absolutely FREE of charge! These group cleanses are great for rebooting when you get off track. (value $57+)
  • An Essential Oils kit with 11 amazing healthy oils- afterall, what good is an essential oil class if you don’t have the oils?! (value $160)

This jam-packed 6-week session has a value well over $1500! But you get over half off, at just $747 if you pay in full ($50 off)! This may seem like a substantial investment.

But it is just that- an INVESTMENT- in YOU-! Your HEALTH, your BODY, your WELLNESS!

Invest in Rock Your Body 6-Week Program for only:


Paid in Full

($797 Total on Payment Plan)

Payment Options

To be sure that you are completely satisfied, I offer a 100% guarantee that you are satisfied with your results when you follow my system! That’s right ~ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! You have NOTHING to lose except your old habits ~ and I’m ready to help you with that! For your complimentary session to determine whether a weight loss package or wellness package is right for you, please call Tiffany at 859.912.2113 or use the convenient contact form to request an appointment.

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