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This Busy Mama's Guide to Rockin' Life contains:

  • 3 things that need to be addressed for you to ROCK your health!
  • Steps to manage - address should be manage
  • Tips to make your crazy-busy life less stressful
  • How many people are living with adrenal fatigue (the number is SHOCKING!)
  • Why you need to address adrenal fatigue if you're one of them

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Tiffany Boutwell's "Busy Mama's Guide to Rockin' Life" is a must read for every woman, whether you are a busy mama, a busy business woman or a combination of the two. Tiffany explains how we must care for ourselves and gives incredible insight as to why we may feel tired and overwhelmed. Her recommendations are spot on and easy to carry out. This eBook will become required reading for all of my clients.

-Vanessa C. | Busy Mama of 3 kids, CEO Vanessa Collins LLC


I simply adored Busy Mama's Guide to Rockin' Life!" As a mom of two, one being an extremely active teenager, I find myself getting lost in the shuffle. I adore my children, but sometimes my energy wanes as the week goes on and the activities increase. Tiffany offers fabulous ideas and well-needed reminders on how to nurture ourselves, as well as the importance of caring for our bodies - inside and out! Thank you, Tiffany!

-Lori L. | Busy Mama of 2 kids, Recreation Coordinator and Small Business Owner from Seattle, WA